Frequently Answered Questions


When are registrations?
A: Registrations will open online typically starting in October. Physical registrations take place in January on select Tuesdays during the month. For the 2020 Season physical registrations will be held on Tuesday, January the 7th and 14th with a late registration session to be held on the 21st. It is best to check the official posted schedule first or on our Facebook page.

Q: At what age can my child register for the coming season?
A: All kids for Softball and T-ball must be four years of age no later than January 1st of the physical season year. If their birthday is after that they will need to wait till the next season to register. 6-Year old's may play T-Ball; upon request only as new for 2020 6-Year olds will now default for play in coach pitch unless specifically requested by the parents.

((Please note that children 4 years of age wishing to play T-Ball MUST be 4 years of age by 1/1/2020 in order to play in the 2020 season due to insurance and sanctioning body regulations, sorry no exceptions!))

Q: At what age can my child register for coach pitch?
A: All children, starting at the age of 6-years old (based on age of the child on January 1st for softball or April 30th for Baseball) will be registered for coach pitch categories unless specifically requested at the time of registration to play T-Ball. All children ages 7 or 8 (based on their age at the same dates listed above) will be automatically registered for Coach Pitch baseball.

Q: When are where are games held?
A: Games start “typically” in the 3rd week of March and will continue through the middle of May. During “Normal” weeks each team will typically play 2 games per week (1 during the week and one on the weekend). However, in the event of a makeup game due to rainouts, scheduling conflicts with facilities/teams, or due to scheduling blockouts for city events such as the rodeo or major holidays some teams may need to play more than 1 game in a given weeks periods. Normally, most teams will never have to play back to back, however in some unavoidable cases some teams may be required to play back to back games across two days, however we will do our best to optimize the amount of time given for rest between games each day.

Games are normally held at and of the OBSA approved facilities within the city of Oakdale. These facilities for games can include TL Davis Sports Complex, Fair oaks Elementary School, Cottleswood Park and Kerr Park. Depending on the registration numbers for the season and availability some teams will have the opportunity to play with teams from some of the immediate surrounding communities. Some games will be held here in Oakdale but in some cases, some teams may be required to play a game hosted in one of the local communities (including Escalon, Riverbank etc)

Q: Are games/practices held during the spring vacation week??
A: Yes, games and practices are held during that physical week that the schools are off schedule however, they are all held at normal times.

Q: How much does it cost to register for a season?
A: Here is a breakdown of pricing for the 2020 season current as of November 1st, 2019 and all additional information regarding costs and fundraising-

Early Registration Fees (November 1st through December 31st) -
(Baseball / Softball)

Ages 4-6 (T-Ball): $110.00
Ages 6-8 (Rookie / U8): $120.00
Ages 9-10 (Minors / U10): $130.00
Ages 11-12 (Majors / U12): $140.00
Ages 13-15 (Babe Ruth / U14): $150.00
Each additional player registered will receive a discount of $10 per child when both children are registered in the same transaction.

Regular Registration Fees (January 1st, 2020 through January 19th, 2020) -
(Baseball / Softball)

Ages 4-6 (T-Ball): $125.00
Ages 6-8 (Rookie / U8): $135.00
Ages 9-10 (Minors / U10): $145.00
Ages 11-12 (Majors / U12): $155.00
Ages 13-15 (Babe Ruth / U14): $165.00
Each additional player registered will receive a discount of $10 per child when both children are registered in the same transaction.

Late Registration Fees (January 20th, 2020 through January 26th, 2020) -
(Baseball / Softball)

Ages 4-6 (T-Ball): $160.00
Ages 6-8 (Rookie / U8): $170.00
Ages 9-10 (Minors / U10): $180.00
Ages 11-12 (Majors / U12): $190.00
Ages 13-15 (Babe Ruth / U14): $200.00
Each additional player registered will receive a discount of $10 per child when both children are registered in the same transaction.

** All registrations require the parent option of either participating in the candy fund raiser (While supplies last) or parents may pay the Fund Raiser Buyout fee of $50 per child.
*** Parents may choose to buyout from the required volunteer Snack Shack duties for a fee of $75 per player, (Coaches and Coaching Staff may not select this volunteer buyout.)
**** Credit cards will be accepted at open registration however a $3.00 processing fee will be added to each transaction per household.

Q: Are there early registration discounts?
A: YES- Parents who register their players online via our online registration system before December 31st will receive a discount of $15 per player if the registration is completed. Online registration is typically activated starting in the beginning of October or November.

Q: When are tryouts?
A: Tryouts are typically the last weekend of every January. But we recommend you check with the official schedule to confirm this as it may change from year to year.

2020  Tryout Schedule-

Baseball/Softball Tryout Schedule on January 25th, 2020 at
TL Davis Sports Complex; 750 Warnerville Rd, Oakdale CA 95361

4-5-years old NO T-ball Tryouts

6 years old (Rookies) 1:00 PM start time on Shatswell Field  
** Starting in 2020 all 6-year-old boys will be automatically registered for the Rookie baseball division (Girls may also register for baseball as well) (As per cal ripken BabeRuth regulstions the age for baseball is based on their age as of April 30th of the physical season). Upon request 6-year old’s may play T-Ball. However, parents will have to manually select “T-Ball” during the registration process to be able to play T-Ball. Players cannot be changed into T-Ball after registration is completed.

7 Years old (Rookie) 11:30AM start time on Shatswell Field
8 years old (Rookies) 10:00AM start time on Shatswell field 
9-10 years old (Minors) 10:00AM start time on Abell Field
11 - 12 years old (Majors) 10:00AM start time on Basi Field
13-15 years old (Babe Ruth) 10:00AM start time on Steves Field


6-8 years old (8U Coach Pitch) 12:00 PM on Rookie American Field  ** Starting in 2020 all 6-year-olds will be automatically registered for the U8 Softball division. Upon request 6-year olds may play T-Ball. However, parents will need to attend the in-person registration events in January to have a league staff member manually register them in the system for T-Ball to override the age breakdown preferences for the league in the registration system. **
9-10 years old (10U) 12:00PM on Abell Field
11-12 years old (12U) 12:00 PM on Basi Field
13-14 years old (14U) 1:00 PM on Basi Field

Q: If I register my child is he/she guaranteed to play?
A: Yes, we believe that ALL kids have the right to play as much as any other. This is an important process to them getting better and developing their skills. We have league rules and regulations in place to prevent any individual player from becoming a spectator on the sidelines. Basically, if you register your child will be assigned to a team via the draft process and you will be contacted by the coach directly. Per league regulations, no child may sit out more than 2 innings until every player has sat out an inning. This is for all divisions of play.

Q: After registration and tryouts is over how long can I expect to wait till I hear from somebody about what team  my child is on and who their coach is?
A: After registration and tryouts it can take up to 3-4 weeks before you hear form your child's new coach. We typically hold draft in the middle of February and coaches are permitted to contact their players family starting after the week of draft is complete.

Q: When do practices start?
A: Practices are only permitted to start on or after February 19th (due to insurance regulations), unless specified differently from the league board of directors. No Practices may be held at any capacity until March 1st.

Q: If I want to sign up as a coach who do I contact?
A: Prospective coaches may sign up on our website  (same as the registration process but as a coach) or attend one of the open registration days and sign up with the league. (Signing up does not guarantee you a coaching position) After registrations are complete the league presidents will contact the approved coaches and assistant coaches directly and get them up to speed prior to the draft process.

Q: Are your coaches checked for criminal records and safe for my child to be with?
A: Yes! All members of the board of directors, coaching staff etc all go thru an extensive mandatory background check and are only approved once this background check is completed.

Q: Is OBSA compliant with all aspects of the Safe Sports Act and its regulations?
A: Yes! As required by law, OBSA participates in the congressional mandated safe sports act and all members of OBSA including coaching staff, volunteers, board members and even the grounds keepers are required to take yearly Sexual Abuse Awareness training programs and pass the exam with a required 90% passing grade.

Q: Does the league provide all of the necessary equipment and clothing for my child to play?
A: Every registered child will receive the following as part of their registration cost-

  • Division appropriate league jersey in their assigned team colors w/ player number on the back
  • Team color matching socks and belt

    (Parents are responsible for baseball style sport pants and regulation appropriate shoes. The color is selected by the coach once they are notified of their team name and team colors and they will notify the parents on that team)
    (Team jerseys are typically delivered to the players and their families the week prior to opening day)

    The league does provide basic safety equipment for the players to use (Catchers equipment, helmets, catcher’s glove) however this is in mostly age bracket universal fit equipment and is can be shared by all players on the team and is kept by the teams coach. It is always recommended and suggested that if possible that parents get a helmet specific to the exact size recommendations of their child. Bats are not provided by the league however in some cases we "may" have some bats that have never been claimed from previous years that can be given to the team’s coach for that team to use. Bats are a useful and necessary tool to the game however making sure that your player has a bat that is the right size and weight is key to the success of your child when up to bat!

Q: What kind of bat should I get for my child
A: Bats of correct length and weight are a key tool to the success of your child's performance when at Bat. However when purchasing a bat there is sanctioning league regulations that must be followed.


Players may use the following bats-
“BPF 1.15” labeled bats up to 2 1/4"
“USA” Labeled bats up to 2 5/8” but no smaller than 2/14” (Preferred)
2020 updated regulations (FOR ALL GAMES AND PRACTICES)

No TPR or USSSA BPF 1.2 bats will be permitted.
Minimum Diameter 2 1/4"
Bat MUST have  "USA" bat label on it! (NOT USSSA or TPR etc)

***Players in the BabeRuth Division only may also use bats labeled with the "BBCOR" stamp as well with a rating of no lower than -3.

Softball players may use the following bats-
“Official Softball or Fastpitch” labeled bats 2 ¼ in diameter”

2020 T-Ball
T-Ball players may use the following bats-
“T-Ball” Labeled bats. Bats with the “USA” label are preferred.

Q: How much does everybody that works in the league get paid?
A: ZERO!  Every member of the board of directors, The League presidents, the coaching staff and every person who helps run the snack shacks are all volunteers. We all do this for the love of the sport, and we all love working with kids to help them develop their own love of the sport.

Q: Does the league provide transportation to and from practices and games?
A: No. Parents are responsible for all transportation of their players to and from practices and games.

Q: If I have an issue with a coach or there is an issue that I don’t think can be resolved by the coach, whom can I contact?
A: You can call our main contact number and leave a message if nobody is available. You can also email and the attendant of that email will forward it to the appropriate party. We will make sure to get your concerns to the appropriate person and have them contact you back as quickly as quickly as possible.

Q: How many practices per week should I expect to be scheduled once games start?
A: Regardless of the level of play there is a minimum standard of 1 practice week. However, as the division difficulty level increases so does the number of practices per week. Typically, you will receive a practice schedule from your coach.

Q: Can I request to make sure that my child is on the same team as a friend of theirs?
A: No. We are unable to accept teaming requests. The exception to this is if there is multiple players that are all siblings and are all in the same age bracket.

Q: If I sponsor a specific team can I make sure my child is on it?
A: Yes. If you sponsor a team you may attach a specific player to that team.

Q: If I coach a team will my child be on my team?
A: Yes. If you coach a team and the team level matches your child’s age matches that of the division, we will assure that your child will be on your team (unless you specifically request otherwise)

Q: My child’s coach just asked all the team parents to participate and volunteer to work in the snack shack. Do we really need to do this?
A: Yes?  As per your registration agreement you signed when you signed your child up to play you agreed to volunteer in the snack shack if requested to help support your child’s team and the allocations they are given for this task.

Q: How many hours per season are each team required to work in the snack shack?
A: Each team is required to work uo to 4 hours per season in the snack shack. On special occasions a general request may go out to all teams looking for volunteers for special events and busy game days.

Q: My coach says if nobody volunteers for Snack Shack that he will be suspended from the next game? Is this really true?
A: Yes! As per their coach’s code of conduct and agreement they signed they agree to filling these scheduling requirements in the snack shack. If nobody shows up they will be suspended from the next scheduled game.

Q: How can I help out the league? How do I go about becoming more involved in league operations?
A: OBSA is ran by individuals such as yourself who have a passion and a place in their hearts to helping and working with kids and only want to see the best for all of the players that take part in the program every year. If you are interested in becoming part of the board of directors or one of the many elected positions we have as yearly positions, please contact us directly or attend our yearly Open Meeting and get involved. The yearly open meeting is typically held in Mid to late September, but it's always best to check on our website or Facebook page.

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